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Game Tips

Having trouble setting the high score on your favourite game? Check out our simple tips for how to get that elusive high score and more importantly the bragging rights with your friends!

Want to practice your new tips? Why not hire one of our games for your next party, school holidays or just to spoil yourself?

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If you have a question or are looking for some tips on how to beat your favourite game, send us an email to and we will see if we can supply the tips you need to set your new personal best!


Big Buck Hunter

The game is very easy to get into, but it takes a while to get the big 2000+ scores. It all begins with the basics:

• Don’t be afraid to shoot: You have unlimited ammo, don’t worry about running out of bullets. Many times it will take several shots to bring down these beasts.  

• Pump it up: You have to pump to reload the gun after each shot, get the rhythm down so you can get more shots off in less time.  

• Focus on the prize: The critters do add up to a lot of points, but focus on the main animals when you are starting out so you can improve your aim.  

• Patience is a virtue: Allow the animals to start running before you start filling them with lead. Many times you may think you are taking out the mister when it is actually the missus grazing right in front of her man.  

The basics will lay down a good foundation, but you will need to improve your game to become the Hunter Hero:  

• The quick and the dead: Get your shots in quickly and you will have more time to take down the critters as well as the big game.  

• Lead the way: You get more points for longer distance shots, so lead your target quite a bit more if it is way in the back.  

• Better in bunches: Critters bring you a lot of bonus points only when you bring down a lot of them. I recommend going after a flock of birds because they can really ramp up your score.  

• Touch of grey: The grey males are usually worth more points since they are often the biggest animals in the round. When playing head to head, focus on these two grey guys and you will have a leg up on your opponent.



Secret View: To get an overall view of the race condition during game play, hold the start button and simultaneously press view change buttons 2, 3, and 4.


Beginners Course Tip: A slot machine hangs over the Beginner Course. When driving near it, press the start button three times to stop the slots from turning. If you score all "7"s, you will earn seven extra seconds of game time. If you score three "BAR"s, You will earn five extra seconds of time. This only works once per game and does not work on "TWIN" machines.


Reverse Tracks: All courses can be run in reverse. If you score high enough in this mode to earn a place the ranking table, your name will appear with the letter "R" next to it.


Time Attack Mode: At the Transmission Selection screen, hold the start button and press the accelerator. In Time Attack Mode, only the cars controlled by players are shown in action. If you score high enough to rank in this mode, the letters "T.A." are shown next to your record in the ranking table.


Extreme Hunting

Initially you can choose from a "Rifle", "Shotgun", or a "Bow". As you clear stages you will uncover up to 3 additional weapons, giving you a total of 6 weapons to choose from. Each weapon has a different power level and a different amount of ammo.


Each animal has a weakness to certain weapons that make them more susceptible to damage. If you find the right combination you could rack up some serious points!

Extreme Hunting

If you shoot the VITAL SPOT, you can kill animals with just one shot!

If you qualified in the bonus stage, you will get a BONUS WEAPON

If you choose a "HIGH POPULATION" site on the spot select screen you will have a chance to hunt multiple animals, however the spot difficulty level is high. If you choose a "LOW POPULATION" site the number of animals is smaller but the difficulty level is low so you will have a good chance to bag at least one animal.

Certain weapons will inflict more damage against particular animals

Clear all 6 animal stages and you will be able to hunt in the "ELITE STAGE" to score even more points.

You will be able to get the "EXTREME SPOT" when you kill the MONSTER ANIMAL in the final spot for each stage.

Mortal Kombat

There are several bonus stages: 
Mortal Kombat screen

• Wood (100000 points). It appears when you win 3 fights

• Stone (200000 points). It appears when you win 6 fights and you've passed the 1st bonus stage.

 • Steel (500000 points). It appears when you win 9 fights and you've passed the 2nd bonus stage.

 • Ruby (1 million points). This appears when you win 12 fights and you've passed the 3rd bonus stage. (You must play at least once against another player).  

Secret Moves: Each character has their own secret moves and special fatality move:


Throw Fireball: right, right + High Punch (Fireball only works in 2 times)

Shadow Kick: right, right + High Kick

Fatality: right, down-right, down, down-left, left, up-left, up, up-right, right


Rope Dart: left, left + Low Punch (+ Uppercut)

Teleport Punch: down, down-left, left + High Punch (only near edge of screen, not a wall)

Fatality: (Hold Block) + up, up (Medium Distance)


Freeze Ray: down, down-right, right + Low Punch (+Uppercut)

Side Sweep: down-right (LP, BLK, LK)

Fatality: (Hold Block) + up, up (Medium Distance)


Nut Punch: down + (Low Punch - Block)

Range Attack: left, right + High Punch

Side Kick: left, right + High Kick

Fatality: right, right, right + High Punch


Throw Knife: left, right (While Holding Blk)

Rolling Ball: circle stick + (Holding Blk) (Holding Block will keep rolling ball still)

Fatality: left, down, down, down, right + Low Punch


Electric Shock: down, down-right, right + Low Punch

Torpedo Move: left, left, right

Teleport: down, down, up

Fatality: right, right, left, left, left, + High Punch (Medium Distance)


Sonic Blast: left, left + Low Punch

Flying First: right, left + High Punch

Leg Grab: down (LP, BLK, LK at once)

Fatality: right, right, left, left + Block (The Kiss of Death)

scene from Mortal Kombat

Trivia: During the fighting scenes that take place on the stone platform above the field of sharp spikes, if you look closely at the glowing moon in the background, you will sometimes see a silhouette fly past it.

These shadows will either be Peter Pan and the Darling children, a witch on broomstick, a kite, a blimp, a rocket, a flying saucer, or Santa Claus in his reindeer-pulled sleigh. The shadows appear about every six games.


Bomb Jack

If you pick up most of the bombs while their fuses are lit, you get the following bonuses:

20 bombs = 10,000 points, 
21 = 20,000,

The P (Power) coin appears after every ninth bomb is collected. The points value of the P coin ranges from 100 (Blue) to 2000 (Silver). Since the colour changes each time BJ jumps, you can control the bonus level by making small jumps until the coin turns silver.

The B (Bonus) coin appears every 5,000 points, and advances the bonus multiplier by 1.

There is a maximum of 5 B coins per level.

Picking up the S (Special) coin awards one free credit. It will also take you to the next level automatically.

You can control where the mechanical bird appears by holding the joystick in the opposite direction. Example: Hold the joystick to the right as soon as the round starts and the mechanical bird appears on the left of the screen. If the stick is held diagonally, the bird appears in the opposite corner.